Data Services

Accurate data is vital to a strong marketing campaign. Luckily, it’s never been easier to not only verify your contact data, but to grow your list as well. We offer a variety of data services including address verification, address updates via NCOA (National Change of Address), list acquisition, and we can merge and purge existing lists, all at reasonable prices to help ensure your message gets to the right potential customer. Contact us today for your free quote! 

Data Services
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Data Correction and Address Updating

You spend a lot of money designing and printing your marketing materials. Make sure they get to their intended destination with our data services. Studies show that nearly 10% of the population moves every year (Wood, 2020). Inaccurate addresses lead to returned mail, which drives up costs. As a full service mail house, we can help you keep your list up to date before it goes out, reducing returned and misdirected pieces.

List Acquisition

Ready to increase your customer base? Let us help with that. We can provide you with a new mailing list based on metrics including but not limited to income, gender, location, education level, profession, and interests. Let us provide you with the data you need to help grow your customer base today.

Duplicate Detection

Duplicates are not uncommon in a database. It’s easy for an error to be made in data entry, or people sign up for a program and forget, then sign up again using a different address. But that doesn’t mean you need to pay to mail to the duplicates. Let us check your list and see how many we can identify for you to clean out. Every piece counts! Don’t waste your time and money sending materials to a bad address or two mailings to the same person.

List Merge and Purge

Have more than one list that you’d like to combine for a special mailing? We can combine your list and then check it for people who were on both lists, removing any duplicate addresses that resulted from merging the lists. This is different from regular duplicate detection, since the duplication is only caused by the combining of the multiple lists. We delete the duplicates only on the merged lists, leaving your original lists intact.

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